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Naan Club is a brand new Indian restaurant aiming to serve Coquitlam a modern Indian dining experience. at naan club you can expect to order your dish with however spice level you desire. can't handle spice? no problem! we are excited to bring coquitlam an authentic indian restaurant with westernized hospitality standards and values. with an extensive menu that frequently introduces new and trendy dishes and drinks, find yourselves indulging in classic butter chicken and naan to tandoori sliders and masala fries. most importantly, experience exciting indian dishes and flavours without leaving with a burning sensation

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the artists behind the food

Amit Puni
Tandoor Specialist

Meet Amit Puni, a culinary maestro with a passion for tandoori cuisine. Starting in Phagwara, India, Amit honed his skills at the Radisson Hotel in Jalandhar before dazzling patrons at the Valentino Family Restaurant. His journey continued to British Columbia, Canada, where he brought the essence of tandoor cooking to the Surrey Express.

Chef Sandeep Gouniyal

Born in Uttrakhand but raised in  Delhi India, Chef Sandeep Gouniyal has been changing the culinary landscape at restaurants around the globe with his Decade plus years of extensive culinary experience in hospitality Industry, and working with his knowledge and skills he proved his mettle by working with some of the leading hospitality brands across India and abroad such as Hotel Le Meridien, ITC Hotels, The Oberoi Hotels, The Leela Palace, Design Hotels and Intercontinental Doha The city Prior to joining The Naan Club Restaurant in Coquitlam Canada, Chef Sandeep Gouniyal worked as Indian Chef for The Chacha’s Tandoor and Grill Surrey B.C  Canada.


Meet Anil, a culinary maestro whose expertise knows no bounds. With an unrivaled passion for the rich and diverse flavors of Indian cuisine, Anil crafts each dish with precision and authenticity, taking you on a delectable journey through the vibrant tapestry of spices, herbs, and culinary traditions that define India's gastronomic heritage. Whether it's the sizzle of tandoori delights, the aromatic curries, or the intricate desserts, his creations are a symphony for your senses, a true culinary artist who brings the essence of flavour to your plate.

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